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Jatropha curcas

  • Parallel to the ever-expending industrial needs,the demand for oil fuel constantly increases which results in the inevitable increase in the global oil prices. Hence, numerous efforts to find alternative oil fuel derived from plants have been carried out since that led to the discovery of the Jatropha curcas plants which are naturally endowed with multitudinous uses and unique properties.
  • Jatropha Curcas plants have the following unique qualities:
    1. Oil yield, approx. 33%
    2. Thrives well in tropical climates such as Malaysia.
    3. Fast growth; produces fruits after 6 months of cultivation.
    4. Low maintenance - the use of pesticides and other polluting substances are not necessary, due to the pesticidal and fungicidal properties of the plant.
    5. Life expectancy of more than 45 years.
    6. One jatropha fruit contains 2-4 seeds that are processed into oil, which will then be used to produce biodiesel.
    7. Small-sized and shady shrubs which makes it easy to harvest.
    8. An acre of land is capable of accommodating cultivation of 800 plants. A 10-inch seedling is sold at the prices of RM 2.50 at the nurseries.
    9. Per acre yield of 3.6 metric tons of fruits in the first three years and multiply after the third year.
    10. BIONAS buy-back guarantee is for thirty (30) years with initial price of RM1.05/kg equal to RM1050/tonne.

Jatropha curcas seed is
processed to produce biofuel, biodiesel & glycerol

Comparison of Charateristics Between Jatropha Biofuel
and Ordinary Diesel :

Jatropha Bio-fuel
Energy (MJ/kg)    42.6 – 45 39.6 – 41.8
Density (g/ml)  0.85 0.88
Boiling point (˚C) 55 192
Sulphur (%) 0.5 0
Carbon sedimentation (%) <0.35 0.024
Cetane number 47.8 51

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