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  • The Technology & Business and Social Benefit:
    1. Core Tech: Core Tubular Stainless Steel Slab.
    2. Columns, beams and floor slabs feature a stainless steel panel clip thin-wall core tubes, welded by copper brazing at 1083℃. The core tubular stainless steel structure represents the greatest technological revolution in building material applications. The structural strength is 3 times that of any previous forms of conventional structural systems.
    3. Tech Challenge: Core Tubular Slab Brazing Production Streamlining.
    4. Low-cost production of core tubular stainless steel slab represented the biggest challenge. Copper brazing of core tubular stainless steel is traditionally associated with aerospace industry, such as space capsule, with no concern of cost. However, for high-tech civil engineering applications, cost shall be the priority After hundreds of experimental failures from 2015 to2017, Bionas successfully invented “Hot air no-oxygen brazing streamline production”.
    5. Business Benefits.
    6. Proven technology: Bionas has completed more than 30 buildings. The 57F tower is the tallest, while the 352F tower is the highest in design stages. Lower costs & peace of mind: Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) mode provides a turnkey project in regards to design, production, installation and permit application, thereby eliminating globally dominating budget traps, quality disputes, construction time delay, and potential corruption risks.
    7. Social Benefits.
    8. 5 times more energy efficient: thick thermal insulation with unique Bionas-designed vacuum glazing windows, fresh air heat recovery and other energy saving technologies result in an energy consumption of only 20% in comparison to conventional buildings. Global sharing: To accelerate the realization of a low Car bon society, Bionas has mapped out the global technology transfer planning and supply of packaged streamline production, with the aim of popularizing core tubular stainless steel buildings globally within 20 years.