Nano-Emulsion Polarization

Nano Emulsion technology is a chemical process of blending fossil fuel, bio-feedstock and specific types of chemical which in turn reacts and mix to form stable bonds with each other.

How Does Our Biofuel Work ?

Water in fuel yields the following effects :

1. Water vaporization increases fuel dispersion in the form of smaller droplets.
2. Contact surface between fuel and air is increased.
3. Combustion is more efficient.
4. High Pressure steam increase in volume and give extra 'push' - micro explosion of dry steam(superheated).
5. Note! Nano - emulsion - no free water.

1. Reduces combustion temperature peaks (lowers nox). Particulate matters formation is reduced (lowers PM).
2. More power from the high pressure steam expansion.

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Generally and briefly describing Polarization Technology allows for alignment of positive and negative ions of elements and this is achieved under high pressure and highly magnetic environment.

How Does Polarization Work ?

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